Your online experience just got better – a new secure way to access your Group Retirement account (Caesars Windsor Registered Pension Plan).

Your everyday connection to Manulife is about to get easier. On October 13, 2021, Manulife launched the new Manulife ID – a new secure way to access your products and services. It replaces your old sign-in credentials with a single username and password for everything you have with Manulife.

What you need to do

If you are already registered to access your account through the Manulife VIP Room, in the upcoming weeks, you will receive a detailed email from Manulife including all the steps to create your new Manulife ID. However, you can create your new Manulife ID now.

All you will need to do is a one-time setup to access your Group Retirement and Savings. Create your new Manulife ID and connect your existing Manulife accounts.

If you are not already registered to access your account online, you can take the opportunity to do so.  You can go online and create your personal Manulife ID.

Go to and click Sign in. Select Continue and then click on Set up a Manulife ID and follow the instructions.

When your Manulife ID is created, you will have to connect your existing account in the VIP Room. At the step Already have a Group Retirement or VIP Room account, you will have to enter your email address or user ID used before. Don’t forget that as you are a VIP Room user, you need to enter a user ID.

Need help?

You can access a how-to flyer by clicking here.  You can find more support materials by visiting, such as a video, how-to-guide and helpful troubleshooting FAQs  If you need additional support setting up your Manulife ID, you can call the dedicated line at 1-877-666-2764.

Accessing Your Manulife Account

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