Human Resources

Does the company have any plans to offer more retirement incentive packages?

Not at this time. This may be something we consider in the future; however this is not currently in our plans.

Does the company plan to provide the 25 year anniversary gifts for employees who reached their achievements since March 2020?

The 25 year anniversary watches will be provided to eligible employees who have been called back to work. Each department will provide further information.

Are there plans on a vaccine mandate for employees? If so will the company hold a vaccination clinic on site?

Although we have not mandated it as this time, we encourage you to get your vaccine.  It is an important piece of moving beyond this pandemic. You can see vaccine requirements in workplaces, municipalities are becoming more prominent, and we will continue to evaluate our policies.  There are currently a number of vaccination clinics throughout the Windsor-Essex community that are convenient and accommodate various shifts and days off.

Will benefits be extended for those that remain on layoff?

At this time we are pleased to extend benefits to all qualifying employees until at least end of March 2022. 

Do you think more employees will be recalled by the end of the year?  What will happen to those of us still off by April when the new contract comes up?

As COVID-19 case counts continue to decline, vaccination rates continue to rise and business levels continue to improve, we are hopeful it will lead to more recalls.  It is very difficult to estimate when recalls will happen and they will be based on business levels.  It is difficult to predict the future.

What will happen to laid-off employees when EI runs out at the end of October?

We cannot say for sure but we are hopeful the the Federal Government will extend this program.  We as an industry, along with the Canadian Gaming Association, have been lobbying our political representatives and have encouraged them to extend the program for employees.

Will Canada Recovery Benefit be extended as well as Regular Unemployment until we all be back to work?

We are not sure; however we hope it will be extended.  Once we have received updated information on the benefit, we will post it on the blog.

Can a list of our 2021 retirees be shared or posted?

This is an excellent idea and we will discuss options and provide further details at a later date.

If business levels stay as they are or slightly decline, could there be layoffs again?

We don’t really see that, though we cannot guarantee what the future holds.  We intentionally slowly ramped up our opening in an effort to limit additional lay-offs due to fluctuation and business levels.

When call-backs happen, will we have advance notice so we can be ready? 

We try to give as much notice as possible to employees when they are being called back.  You will be recalled in accordance to the Collective Agreement.

Is there a way we can pay our own benefit premium after a buyout or retirement, if we have 25 years of service?

There are options upon retirement or resignation for employees leaving our group plans with Green Shield and Manulife to convert coverage to an individual policy.   More information can be provided by contacting HR Services at 519-985-2859.

Marketing & Entertainment

Is there a timeline for casual Ushers to be called back for the marketing events/giveaways or shows?

Regarding marketing events, we are starting to trial a few programs and will monitor the return.  Once we can confirm our customers are willing to come back in response to our programs, we will begin to expand our programming and staff.

Any timeline when the Box Office and Colosseum will re-open?

We continue to actively plan and negotiate our future entertainment schedule; but unfortunately we are unable to put exact dates in place until capacity restrictions are fully lifted.  The scale of entertainment we are booking requires our full Colosseum and many of the shows that were on sale pre COVID-19 have sold out the full venue.  We are hopeful that the most recent vaccination requirements will be a path towards easing the capacity restrictions. 

Can we bring back live entertainment at Cosmos on the weekends?  It would provide another amenity for guests looking for an evening of entertainment.

We are trying to balance between our reduced revenue, trying to ensure our expenses stay in line and balance guest occupancy limits.  We recognize the customer experience is important and continue to evaluate based on business levels.

When will guest promotions be starting again?

Offers and promotions started in October and will begin to ramp up in November with some gift giveaways.

Food & Beverage

Is the Market Buffet going to open?

At this time, the Market Buffet remains closed.  With current guest counts, and the logistics of opening a buffet in a pandemic, we do not have plans to open it in the short term.

Is Legends going to be opening seven days a week?

We continue to evaluate and align business demands with outlet hours. 

Property Updates

When do you for see Table Games open 24/7, as many guests have inquired?

We continue to look at business levels and have expanded the hours from the initial opening and we are constantly looking at our table spread and hours of operation.  We are looking at adding more Plexiglas on tables so we can add tables during the busy times.

Can the Poker Room open?

The Poker Room is not allowed to be open under the current Province of Ontario’s COVID-19 Stage 3 regulations.

As we re-open further do those plans include re-opening specific entrances and setup similar check-in stations at those entrances? Not just the Skybridge?

Yes, it will be based on volumes.  Right now it is working with the guest volume we are experiencing.

Is the timeline for the Modernization still on track?

Yes, we are currently in the procurement process with Requests for Prequalification (RFPQ).  At the end of our current operating agreement, which is a couple of years off, OLG will select an operator.

Is OLG selling the property or just looking for a new operator?

This is part of the Modernization Process.  In some cases the OLG has sold the assets and in others OLG has continued to own the property with an Operator Agreement in place.

Do we have a rough estimation on when the roofing work will be completed?

We are hoping by the end of the calendar year, weather depending.

Will the Arms Spa open soon?

We are in discussions with the spa operator.  As a third party operator, it is their decision to the timing of opening.

Are the employee doors in Augustus going to open soon?  It’s a long walk each day to and from, especially to the smoking area.

We will take this question back to the Executive Team for further discussion.

Are banquets currently in operation? How are restrictions affecting business?

We had our first wedding this past weekend.  The recent lifting of the local restrictions on dancing and capacity caps on weddings will benefit future banquet bookings.  We have quite a few bookings over the next few months.

Will the Forum Tower open soon?

Not at this time.  We will continue to evaluate as business levels. We currently have a third of the Augustus hotel tower available.  We look at this very closely between booking numbers, guest denials and decisions are based on business volumes to match demand and supply.

Will Room Service return?

This is in discussion.  You see less and less hotels offering room service as an option.  Café 377 and Caesars Eats are currently filling the need. 

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