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Q: Do you anticipate a slow call back when things begin to open up? Not everyone will be called initially, I suspect. Will events have the longest call back process? And call back is all based on seniority, correct?

A: Reopening to our full capacity and amenities will depend on Ontario reopening rules and customer demand.  Not everyone will be recalled immediately, it will be a phased process.  Employees are being contacted based on the services and amenities planned for reopening.  

Q: Are there plans to update the seniority list to reflect the retirement buyouts and employees choosing not to come back?

A: The seniority list has been updated and posted as of Monday, June 28, 2021.

Q: Will training take place online or will there be opportunities for in person training?

A: Training will take place both online and in-person. Some departments will have in-person training due to their procedures being more affected by health and safety protocols. 

Q: How far in advance will we know about recalls? How will that affect our prior commitments such as family vacations?

A: Recalls will start very soon. We are currently finalizing staffing plans and we would expect to start calls the week of June 28th. For those with special circumstances, please call 519-258-2859.

Q: Are employees that bumped into other departments going back their original departments since they don’t have their 30 days?

A: Employees who participated in the bump had the option of staying on their original department recall list or going to the recall list of the department they bumped into. 

Q: Will the company offer (non-retirement) buyouts to employees once reopening starts? 

A: We are hopeful that business volumes will be strong after reopening so that there are more opportunities to get back to work as opposed to offering voluntary packages. Stay tuned for more developments on this. 

Q: Will we have the opportunity to get new uniforms before returning to work?

A: Details about making appointments with wardrobe will be provided at the time of your recall.

Q: Do you know if our EI will be extended?

A: We are lobbying anyone and everyone we can to have these benefits extended due to the situation within the entertainment/hospitality sector. 

Q: Are return dates flexible in order to provide proper notice to our current employers?

A: It will be situational, based on department needs. We appreciate that there are a lot of unique circumstances and our department heads are prepared to work with you on this. 

Q: Is there an expected timeline for dealers being called back to work?

A: We are waiting on further direction from the province to see if table games will be allowed. After we receive this, it will make it easier for us to  create staffing plans for all departments.

Q: Will employees have an option to continue to work from home?

A: This is being evaluated on a departmental basis. If it is possible, it is likely it will be made possible to match our health and safety protocols where we can. 

Q: Are we able to request a payout of vacation pay in our bank?

A: Stay tuned for more details on this. 

Q: Will we have larger areas ready for pre-shifts to maintain social distancing?

A: We have evaluated our spaces to ensure proper distancing. 

Q: As we progress through the opening and continue to do our daily health checks, will the health check format be adjusted as the environment changes? 

A: Our daily health check is aligned with the provincial government health check assessment.  We will continue to review and update our assessment to meet those standards.


Q: What are some ways we can stay up to date with our benefit plans to ensure we know what we are covered for?

A: There are a number of ways to stay up to date with your benefits plans.
Please visit in the HR tab for regular benefits updates.
Login to the Greenshield website at for your personal claims information and benefits booklet.
Contact a Caesars Windsor benefits specialist by calling 519-985-2859 or email

Health & Safety

Q: How will we be called back? Will we keep our positions based on seniority or full/part time?

A: Callbacks will be based around seniority and under the collective agreement.

Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory to be able to come back to work?

A: No, the vaccine is not mandatory and we do not expect it to be. We strongly encourage all employees to get vaccinated for your own safety, the safety of your fellow employees and guests.

Retirement Packages

Q: Is there any chance of offering an early retirement incentive to 55+ in the near future?

A: Not at this time. This may be something we consider however, this is not currently in our plans.

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