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Is That All You’ve Got – Rick Meloche Memorial Ride
Where:  Amherstburg  Bike Loop
When:  September 19, 2020

Participate in this ride to honour Rick Meloche.  You will receive another email by Wednesday with your exact start time. Start times will be staggered by 5 minutes to avoid large amounts of traffic.

There are 2 loops set up: a shorter 30 km Loop – Rick Meloche  and a Rick Memorial Ride 50 km (an actual total of 51 km).  

To register, go to the donation page and make the minimum $40 donation, in Rick’s honour:

AFTER REGISTRATION: Please email the following to Darcy Haggith (
1. Confirm the group of riders you are riding with.  If you do not have a group, we can assign you to one if need

2. Confirm the distance you are riding.

3. Pick the sub or wrap from the menu (Sandwich / Wrap). Confirm what toppings you want on your sub and we will request to have your sandwich made how you want it. Sandwich orders are due by 5pm on Wednesday at the latest. A variety of sandwiches will be provided if you do not confirm a custom order.


  • The event will be set-up at the North end of the Libro Centre property and will include an Infinit fueling station, Heart & Stroke Tent, extra tents as cover/rest areas, a start/finish arch supplied by Running Flat and several portable washrooms.
  • If you are doing 30 km or 50 km, you will complete your loop and then enjoy a Sub or Wrap from Subway and other snacks that will be individually packaged and distributed by a volunteer.
  • For those doing multiple 50 km loops, you will start and finish each loop here.  You will be able to refuel, you can opt to have your Sub or Wrap at any time.
  • By order of the Town of Amherstburg, you must ride single file on Pike and Meloche Road.  Once you pass the campground on Pike you may double up if you wish. 
  • Lights and support will be provided for those tackling the 200km ride.
  • Start times will be provided once we have all the participants confirmed. Those participating in the 30km or 50 km events will start later than those tackling longer distances.

For more details contact:  Darcy Haggith (

Is That All You’ve Got – Rick Meloche Memorial Ride (Sept 19, 2020)

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