Improvements to our website to make it more user friendly as a recruitment tool, have resulted in some changes to the way our current employees will be able to access the @CaesarsWindsor site from home or from their mobile device.

Access via will no longer be available. 

Beginning Monday, March 2nd, 2020 employees will need to access @CaesarsWindsor site as follows:

1)  go to

2)  click on “Careers”  under the Company Info column at the bottom of the page

3)  this will bring you to the new Recruitment page titled “Join the Empire”

4)  click on the “Current Employee Login” tab in the top right side of the page

5)  this will bring you directly to the “Employment” page of @CaesarsWindsor (eHR tab from Home Page); from here you can access job postings, pay stubs, etc. 

Once you have logged in this way the first time, you can simply save it as a favorite on your home computer or bookmark it on your phone.

Please note that access to @CaesarsWindsor from all computers onsite will continue to be via the @CaesarsWindsor link.

Please direct any questions to the Benefits Hotline at ext. 22859.

Accessing Online Information from Home or Mobile Device

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