From February 17 – February 24 our Caesars Windsor HEROs were seen donating blood at our local Windsor blood clinic. Thank you to all who participated!

Canadian Blood Services Windsor collected 244 units of blood which equates to 116% of their weekly collection target! 

Prize Winners:

Todd Beecroft #4746 – $300 PC Gift Card

Monica Repaye #9875 – $30 PC Gift Card

Russell Burns #5460 – $30 PC Gift Card

Shannon Fraser #10578 – $30 PC Gift Card

David Nantais #1106 – $30 PC Gift Card

Carrie Bouzide-Unger #9116 – $30 PC Gift Card

Ingrid Pritchard #9921 – $30 PC Gift Card

David Renaud #2486 – $30 PC Gift Card

All winners can pick up there prizes at the HR office in the 250 building between Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

The need for blood is constant, which is why donations are so vitally important for patients.  Canadian Blood Services is encouraging eligible donors to give blood.  Your support will ensure they continue to help every patient, match every need and serve every Canadian.  Patients come from all walks of life and every part of Canada.  Blood donations are needed for chemotherapy treatments, trauma victims, cardiac surgeries, and organ transplants – procedures that all routinely take place every day.   

Every minute of every day someone in Canada needs blood. That someone may be a loved one, friend, co-worker, or perhaps even yourself.   

 Visit their website:

PHOTO GALLERY: Our HERO Blood Donors & Prize Winners

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